About us


With 21 years experience in the networking and home based industries and after 4 years of market and software testing, we have perfected the most powerful, automated, turn-key, marketing system on the planet.

Our mission is to help regular people achieve long term financial security with a very simple and extremely lucrative home based business. We have permanently solved every problem new entrepreneurs struggle with, in the direct marketing and direct selling industry; the human variable.

You decide: Continue to struggle and eventually fail by losing money hand over fist...Or plug into the first ever fully automated, turn-key, sales and marketing system on the planet. Designed for serious entrepreneurs who seek serious success now and in the years to come! Competitors are stunned and left scratching their heads as our proprietary Sales and Marketing System generates thousands of dollars a day for its members on autopilot!

Do you often wish that you would find a home based business that cuts through the hype and presents you with the genuine opportunity to change your situation? We would like to share with you today a home based business that has truly changed our lives and the lives of countless other people.

Please carefully review the rest of this website and give yourself the opportunity to improve your life as well as your lifestyle. This site will not only give you specifics about the workings of this business, but even better it will show you how REAL PEOPLE are achieving REAL RESULTS.

Ultamex Team